Just what the doctor ordered…

A+ medicine! Please observe that the first two letters are the same in both medicine and men, so it’s easy to grasp what kind of metaphor it’s used here.  😉 So, what’s the point? Well, several from my point of view.

First of all, the A+ is a man, not a boy. Men don’t make promises, they deliver. Boys talk, talk, talk, make plans, dream aloud and create a huge amount of false expectations. Sometimes they do it so well that you fall into the trap and the disappointment that follows hurts your inner Goddess.

The A+ doesn’t push. He shows his interest, but if you’re not aligned and mess up the plans, he will not rub it in your face, but let you come to him when you are ready. And then the A+ will take charge and give you the perfect experience. A man, versus boy, knows how to set the mood from the very beginning. And should it be a first encounter, he will make you as comfortable as possible, starting with a wide and warm smile. Imagine that sort of inquisitive, yet discreet analysis, to see if you are a Goddess or just a little girl. You feel his eyes all over your skin, yet somehow able to keep eye contact and have a very lively conversation.

To make it crystal clear, imagine the characters from a story. Prince Charming is the pretty boy, a little lame without the support of his magical horse, trying to save the Princess from the Dragon. But did any story writer ever say why the Princess is somewhat involved (from the very beginning, of course completely accidentally) with the Dragon? No and nor any will ever ponder on the aspect. Let’s elegantly say that the Princess has her inner Goddess activated, she is very well attuned and knows when to take her villainess out to play. Don’t believe the glorified end with the sweet Prince Charming. All goddesses get bored of sugar without a touch of surprise/adrenaline.

Coming back to the A+ man. He will turn every moment into a game. He will flirt in such a way that it will come so very natural for you to open up and go with the flow. The A+ man knows exactly when a Goddess wants only this: to just BE and manifest her utmost femininity. She will let him take charge and trust his every move, enjoying how she is feeling, but also generating the context and the dialogue with him so his inner God/Dragon is fully manifesting.

The A+ man will turn even the most common gesture into a highly erotic one. Try and think if you ever experienced the act of food being placed on your plate in such a way. Dive for a second in the hidden symbolism of food and of being served and/or fed something. Surprise, surprise!

The A+ man will make you want him more and more and he will play with you until none of you can handle the tension. He will kiss you with unhidden hunger and own the Hollywood red lipstick that just a few seconds ago you wore and he will sheepishly ask you weather he should have chosen a pinkish shade. He will delay the fireworks until he feels you asking yourself how long it will take until you can just fully experience imagination and desires with no barriers whatsoever.

The A+ man isn’t frightened by the strength of a Goddess. He will bask in the glow of the manifested Goddess, which herself will give in return her here and now, paying full attention in being with the A+ man. Boys tend to utter the power words which only makes the Goddess close her warmth and softness under a shield, wishing for the A+ man to come and offer her the opportunity to be all that she really is: feminine, passionate, playful, sweet, so on and so forth.

The A+ man sees the beauty in her ruined make up and tangled hair after stripping away clothes and daily human worries. He will not need her utter a single word about what she wants and what she needs. He will just surprise her by already knowing and giving it to her at his Dragon like intensity. He will literally turn night into day and day into a spectacular good morning with a calm firmness that will fill the Goddess with the deepest womanly joy. There is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than surrendering to the beautifully manifested masculinity.

The Goddess will laugh with the A+ man. She will fire their chemistry over and over again with utmost simplicity and clarity. In return the A+ man will imprint her skin with his scent regardless any body dedicated chemicals. He will show his Herculean powers in a way that will make her laugh with him and enjoy his proof of strength to a cellular level. He will share with her not only his music and his passion, but also his believes and a lot of know how.

The A+ man isn’t afraid of a Goddess. He will share a T-shirt and a hot embrace in the here and now. He will make her laugh over coffee and chocolate and prove a million times over that regardless of the shit happening in the day to day life, men and women are all-powerful beings that can gift each other perfection.

The A+ man knows who he is. Same as the Goddess.